The grant towards the fitting out of a new Rescue Unit was warmly welcomed by our Board, and allowed our Club to help offset essential current and ongoing costs committed for the professional operation of our three Rescue Units, alongside our consideration of future needs within the Club’s programme of succession planning for these vehicles, in order to maintain and enhance the standards expected of us by Motorsport UK.

Scottish Motorsport Marshals Club

We are grateful for this grant which has enabled us to replace the combi cutter on our Rescue Unit with a dedicated cutter, and hence enable us to be more efficient when the need arises.

Sarnia Rescue, Guernsey

The BMSTT grant has certainly made a big difference to the affordability of the safety improvements undertaken at our Kart Circuit. A big thanks from all of our Committee.

Shenington Kart Racing Club

The BMSTT grant award has not only helped us with the cost of track repair work, but has enabled us to get a new agreement with the landowner to protect future use. To put it simply, the award has reclaimed a venue previously lost to motorsport.

Trackrod MC

With significant investment required by the club to meet the Rally Future requirements, the award has allowed us to do this without affecting other club activities. It has brought a higher level of safety to our events, as well as to other clubs when our equipment is loaned to them.

Hadrian Motor Sports Club

The grant has enabled us to update our Unit with more modern Rescue equipment so that we can carry out our obligations more reliably and effectively.

Extractor Rescue (Gerry Morriss)

With the support of the BMSTT we were able to not only replace our ageing recovery unit vehicle, but also to upgrade some of our equipment.

Cats Eye Recovery (Paul Henry)

The BMSTT grant allowed us to refresh equipment as well as purchase additional safety radios to enable us to have a full communication network with Officials and Marshals, which in turn improves the safety of officials, competitors and spectators. A big thank you.

Torbay Motor Club

Without this invaluable funding support, we would struggle to improve our equipment and service to motorsport.

Emergency Mobile Medical Unit (Stuart Westbrook)

The grant from the BMSTT enabled us to purchase new safety barriers for our circuit at Golspie to replace the old tyre barriers. This has doubtlessly increased safety for the karts and cars that use the circuit.

North of Scotland Kart Club

The Association of Motorsport Recovery Operators (AMRO) is extremely grateful for the support offered by the BMSTT to several of our members who run licensed Recovery Units across the whole of the UK. The awarding of grants enables units to keep their vehicles and equipment up to date so that they can continue to provide this service to Clubs, and also helps to keep the cost of providing that service to a minimum.

Association of Motorsport Recovery Operators (Ian Culbert)

The current grant helped our Rescue Unit to upgrade its defibrillator to the latest specification to enable us to operate to our full potential, and previous grants have enabled us to update our cutting tools to make extraction quicker and less stressful for the casualty. Thank you!

Darlington & District Motor Club (Rescue Unit)

Due to significant cost incurred due to a mechanical failure on our Rescue Unit, our future was unsure until the BMSTT awarded the grant towards upgrade of safety equipment, which helped to re-establish our financial stability. We may not have survived as a Rescue Unit without your help.

RAF Rescue (Tim Thomas)

The BMSTT award helped us significantly with a major project to remove and recycle previous old tyres and replace them with improved modern safety fencing.

Fulbeck Kart Club

The financial support from the BMSTT has been invaluable to our Club as we continue to improve our Rally Spectator Safety equipment stock. Some of these items have also been out on loan to other clubs so the benefit to the sport has been widened significantly in this way.

Cookstown Motor Club

The venue safety improvement work funded by the BMSTT grant has enabled us to keep the competitive mileage available to the maximum and has also reduced the set-up time for the stages. We can now run better stages (and with less risk of wheel damage) compared to previously, which has been reflected in greater competitor numbers and in a considerable number of verbal and written expressions of thanks received from them, all more keen to come back in the future and encourage others to attend as well. An excellent outcome all round.

Cirencester Car Club

The grant from the BMSTT towards the purchase of safety flags to meet our Club’s very specific needs has allowed us to develop our offering of fun, hassle free racing and enabled us to grow the number of drivers competing with the Club.

Classic Sports Car Club

The grant awarded for us to purchase safety management radios was gratefully received, and it has enabled us to communicate more efficiently with personnel even at dusty Autocross meetings, and equally used on rallies to further improve turn around times. They have also proved invaluable in those areas where there is poor mobile coverage. Result, improved safety all round.

South Hams Motor Club

Our Club has spent a substantial sum updating elements of the infrastructure at Loton Park and the supporting grant from the BMSTT has enabled us to make further progress with some of the venue safety related items, and at the same time demonstrated our duty of care to volunteer marshals and officials.

Hagley & District Light Car Club

Following other grants provided in past years, this year we replaced the old compressed air driven cutting tools on one of our Rescue Units with state of the art battery powered equipment. This speeds up the availability of the equipment, especially in difficult terrain, and is significantly easier for crew members to handle. Overall a very positive improvement in Rescue Unit response speed and efficiency – all facilitated by the BMSTT.

Midland Hill Climb Championship Rescue

The availability of BMSTT grant has been a great help to us, and allowed us to invest in more advanced equipment than we could otherwise afford, ensuring that our trained crew is able to deliver a consistently high standard of extrication and pre-hospital care under almost any circumstance. A big ‘THANK YOU!’ to everyone at the BMSTT. We hope that all those involved with motorsport rescue can continue to benefit from the essential support you provide for many years to come.

BARC Midlands Centre

We especially welcomed the BMSTT funding to help us with our first closed roads North West Stages Rally, which helped to spread the world of rallying throughout the area, to the benefit of competitors and spectators alike. Many thanks again.

Motor Sport North West

Quite simply the grant enabled us to undertake venue safety improvements without which we would not have been able to host the British Hillclimb Championship this year or in the future. As a side benefit, the landowner has undertaken further work at his own expense to improve access to the venue – which likely wouldn’t have been done if we hadn’t been able to improve the track.

Liverpool Motor Club – Barbon Manor Hillclimb

We are extremely thankful for the BMSTT support which has enablked us to maintain our two rescue units and the kit within to a very high standard, including the recent replacement cutting tools. We could have not achieved this level without your support – thank you again.

Stoke Rescue Safety Group – George Bailey

With support from the BMSTT and the Association of South Western Motor Clubs (ASWMC), Westcountry Rescue was reborn some 6 years ago to provide essential Rescue Services to motor sport events for all disciplines. We now have two fully equipped Mercedes Rescue Units, both of which are kept very busy throughout the year in the South West. All the crew members are unpaid volunteers. The BMSTT has grant aided much of the equipment needed for the second unit, and in 2019 also assisted the purchase of a secondhand replacement vehicle. Without their continued support (and that of the ASWMC) none of this would have been possible.

Howard West, Chairman, Westcountry Rescue

The grant has ensured a safe, enjoyable and competitive environment for the sport to continue in our isolated location up here in Scotland. We have found the application process easy to follow, with additional help readily forthcoming for any questions we have raised. We are very grateful for the Trust’s help and support.

Monklands Sporting Car Club

The grant aid has enabled us to complete a large scale safety improvement project, which would otherwise have been out of reach for our Club. It provides both a safer environment and makes the circuit look more attractive and appealing to new kart drivers.

Dragon Kart Club, Glan y Gors Circuit

The following personal observation was separately submitted by one recent grant recipient operating a licensed Rescue Unit, expressing sentiments which are clearly heartfelt by that individual and likely reflect thoughts of others across the Rescue community:

"Maintaining a Motorsport UK licensed Rescue Unit, including all the associated equipment and supplies, is an expensive commitment – especially, but not limited to, those vehicles operated independently by a number of truly dedicated individual volunteers who turn up reliably in all conditions not just for events but also for regular training sessions and always organise their teams and activities in a professional way. The significance of the grant aid support from the BMSTT towards the continuation of the essential and potentially life-saving service provided by the Rescue Units and their crews should not be underestimated, and is greatly appreciated."

As it is necessary to ‘build’ our rally stages in a farming environment, the grant enabled us to enhance our stocks of spectator safety and associated signage to comply with the latest requirements, and for this to be used not just for this event but for following ones too.

Lindholme Motor Sports Club

Without the support of the BMSTT we would not have been able to practice different skills and extrication techniques on a variety of cars.

Motor Sport Vision Racing Club

The BMSTT’s grant aid allowed us to focus on safety rather than finance when we improved spectator safety fencing following an incident where a car left the track during an event. The solution was at a high cost, but the supported change has enabled our venue to further improve its safety management to meet the latest identified needs.

Bugatti Owners Club

The BMSTT has kindly supported us on a number of occasions over the years, which has enabled us to continually provide the highest quality equipment and training for our crews in preparation for our attending over 60 events of all types each year. The latest cutting equipment purchased has proved itself on a number of occasions already this year. Thank you.

Cam Rescue

We ran the first closed road rally event under the new legislation in England, and the Trust’s grant to help us buy new safety signage was a great help in our first year of the event.

Chelmsford Motor Club

We are indebted to the BMSTT for their assistance with the purchasing of additional safety equipment for our Club. We have gone through some challenging times regarding rally safety which has stretched our resources to the maximum, and we thank the BMSTT for their hard work and support in keeping motor sport alive.

Forest of Dean Motor Club

The grant received enabled us to complete a scheme to improve the drainage in the paddock area and build resistance to the adverse weather that has been putting events at risk for several years. Without the Trust’s support for this work we would have lost the Championship rounds which generate vital extra income from the additional spectators that the championship attracts. All event income is reinvested in maintaining the venue for motorsport. The changes made have also enhanced the appearance and convenience of the venue for competitors and spectators alike.

Liverpool Motor Club

The BMSTT grants allowed us to replace our outdated safety management radios with more modern sets which are essential to the safe running of any motor sport event. These are now used not just at our own Club events but also used by our Club members when assisting on events run by other clubs.

Knutsford & District Motor Club

Improved design and new materials constantly improve the inbuilt strength of cars, and when we wanted to upgrade our recue crew’s hydraulic tools to meet these demands, we found the BMSTT grant application process straightforward and we were granted a most generous award towards the costs incurred which has enabled us to buy state-of-the-art rescue equipment, for which we are genuinely most grateful. These days, motor sport is so safe that we don’t often expect to have to use our kit, but the cutter which was financed in part by the BMSTT has already been used operationally to release a seriously injured casualty.

Lace Rescue

The BMSTT grant allowed our Club to repair a section of road at our main stage rally venue, which has enabled the continued safe use of this part of the venue for the future.

Forresters Car Club

The chassis of our Recovery Unit was rotten beyond repair, and had the BMSTT grant not been available the unit would have been decommissioned at least until a replacement chassis could be afforded and fitted, at which point it would very likely not have been used as a Recovery Unit subsequently. The grant means that the Unit now remains available to provide continuing recovery support on events.

Crossrigg Recovery

Grant was received towards renewing safety barriers at our kart circuit which has added to extra safety for all competitors. We are a not for profit organisation, and all our profits are ploughed back into making our facility the very best we can, and grants such as that awarded by the BMSTT are invaluable to us.

Cumbria Kart Racing Club

The enabling of the purchase of three more safety management radios was for us a great bonus in rally safety, as they helped cover some ‘blind spots’ that existed in some areas. The BMSTT grant was a great help to a small club like ours.

Sporting Car Club of Norfolk

This year we celebrate 50 years of rescue service provision to the world of motor sport, and over this time we have seen a great improvement in all aspects of safety across all forms of motor sport, many of which have benefitted from the existence and support of the BMSTT. We are very pleased to have benefitted from BMSTT grants ourselves too – enabling us to offer the level of service that we can offer to the sport today, and into the future.

Motor Sport Services Organisation

The venue safety improvements supported by the BMSTT grant have enabled us to safely and more efficiently clear the track between heats at our kart circuit – and with a considerable time saving too.

Lincs Kart Racing Club

The award from the BMSTT was a big help to our club and enabled us to do repairs and modifications to our hillclimb track to enhance safety at this exposed venue.

Grampian Automobile Club

"This Regional Association runs an annual safety training event for all marshals from new to experienced, which usually achieves around 100 attendees. Without the generous grant aid we receive from the BMSTT from their Training Day grant fund, this event would not be able to happen.  Thank you so much."

Mark Wilkinson
General Secretary
Association of North Western Car Clubs

"Ballynahinch and District Motor Club formed the Ballynahinch Motorsport Rescue Unit (BRMU) in 2002 to ensure continued motorsport rescue services provision across Northern Ireland. We are most grateful for the invaluable amount of advice and encouragement we have received from the BMSTT - alongside significant financial assistance - as various upgrades to vehicles and equipment have been undertaken to ensure that we remain at the forefront of motorsport rescue"

Michael Marner
Unit Chief
Ballynahinch and District Motor Club, Northern Ireland

"The Cheltenham Motor Club would like to thank the BMSTT for its help in supporting venue safety improvements at Down Ampney Airfield, Gloucestershire. The concrete roads of the venue have lasted well since World War II but are now showing progressive signs of deterioration. With an agreement now having been secured with the land owners for extended use of the airfield allowing 3 rallies annually (Cheltenham MC, Cirencester CC and EMCOS), the benefit of the BMSTT grant means that the most urgent areas of the venue needing attention have been repaired and rallying can now continue into the foreseeable future."

Richard Clayton
Cheltenham Motor Club

Due to the layout of our venue at Doune Hill Climb, safety is paramount but as the venue is not permanent our opportunities for generating revenue are limited. Our grant now received has enabled us to carry out much needed barrier and spectator safety improvements – something which is always kept under constant review. Thanks to the continued support of the BMSTT, we now have what we believe to be one of the top hill climb venues in the country.

Tim Thomson
Lothian Car Club

The Rob Vine Fund registered charity has received a grant from the British Motor Sports Training Trust to help with the purchase of a new ambulance to replace one of the three ‘Hogg Motorsport' vehicles which are more than 10 years old. In addition to providing rescue cover for motorsport competitors and spectators around the Island, the ambulances have also been used to help the Isle of Man Ambulance Service in times of crisis. The rescue vehicles are staffed by volunteer crews from the Hogg Motorsport Association.

Stuart Greaves from the Rob Vine Fund said: "We're really grateful to the Trust for the continued funding from them, having also had grants in the past. The purchase of the new ambulance is vital in ensuring we can supply the best medical care to motorsport competitors and supporters when they need it most. The Island has such a rich motorsport history and we are lucky to have so many fantastic events held here throughout the year so it's important that we supply medical resources to provide care at these events."

[The Rob Vine Fund was established in memory of Rob Vine, a competitor who died after a crash during the 1985 Senior TT, to provide medical/rescue equipment and training for all doctors, paramedics and marshals involved in all motorsport events on the Isle of Man.]

Stuart Greaves, Director
Rob Vine Fund (Registered Charity 954 – Isle of Man)

"The generous grant aid provided by the BMSTT towards our safety barrier improvements not only enabled us to complete the originally planned work, but also to increase the number of barriers purchased and area covered to continue adding to the safety of our competitors and spectators. We greatly appreciate the BMSTT grant awarded"

Debbie Sellers
Club Secretary
Whilton Mill Kart Club