Training - Grants are available to support training, mainly focussed on volunteer marshals and officials who are in membership of recognised motor clubs and affiliated organisations and whose training is delivered through a network of Motorsport UK Licensed Training Instructors who run training according to identified need across the UK and its islands annually under the Motorsport UK Training Day Programme. In a typical year the BMSTT makes over 100 award offers totalling around £200,000 in this category.

Safety – Grants are available to support additional or enhanced safety improvements which comply with Motorsport UK requirements or regulations. During 2018, 57 grant applications were received and total grants of over £165,000 were awarded, which through partnership funding brought safety benefit to the sport of over £520,000. The breakdown of grants in this category were for Rally Safety improvements (£17K) ; venue safety improvements (£70K) ; Rescue Units and equipment (£63K) ; Recovery Unit equipment (£15K), and these awards were spread geographically during the year across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey.

Support – the BMSTT can consider grant aid support for other eligible projects which align with the Trust's Deed and Objectives, within the constraints of available funding. The BMSTT also offers appropriate advice and guidance to potential applicants on request in order to assist them with the grant application process and to help identify which projects may be more (or less) suitable for consideration of grant aid.