The British Motor Sports Training Trust was first registered as a UK Charity on the 7th July 1977, and ever since has been instrumental in supporting safety and training related initiatives in four wheeled motor sport through a series of grant aid programmes, targeted according to identified need, and reviewed every year.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the British Motor Sports Training Trust has continued to play its part in supporting the volunteer sector of our sport, not least in providing additional grant aid to assist Rescue Units, Stage Safety Units and Recovery Units with certain costs incurred during the lockdown to enable their readiness to resume their significant safety related roles in the sport (including potentially lifesaving aspects for some) as the sport progressively resumes.

Regular grant programmes undertaken by the Trust each year include:

Training - Grants are available to support training, mainly focussed on volunteer marshals and officials who are in membership of recognised motor clubs and affiliated organisations and whose training is delivered through a network of Motorsport UK Licensed Training Instructors who run training according to identified need across the UK and its islands annually under the Motorsport UK Training Day Programme. In a typical year the BMSTT makes around 130 awards in this category, representing total grant aid in excess of £200,000.

Safety – Grants are available to support additional or enhanced safety improvements which comply with Motorsport UK requirements or regulations. In a typical year around 60 grant applications are approved with in excess of £150,000 awarded, which through partnership funding brings a total safety benefit to the sport approaching £500,000 each year.

Both these categories of award are spread geographically (and proportional to the level of regulated motorsport activity) across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey.

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