Grant aid applications – Guidance Notes

  1. What grant is available and for what?

    There are two main programmes of grant aid support that the Trust currently undertake:

    1. BMSTT Safety Development Fund programme
      This Fund is open to application by Motorsport UK Registered Clubs or other Motorsport UK Registered or Licensed Organisations (at the discretion of the Trustees). Priority will be given to applications which are considered most likely to further improve safety aspects of motor sport. This programme includes, but is not limited to, the below four major strands:
      1. Rally Safety Grants
        Includes projects related to the purchase of additional safety tape and regulatory signage, purchase of radios for event safety management, and spectator safety related projects.
      2. Venue safety and sustainability improvements
        As they apply to fixed and temporary venues, including noise management projects, where they help to ensure continued or extended use of a venue. Track or course works are normally eligible for grant aid (especially where recommended by Motorsport UK Venue Inspectorate), whereas buildings and infrastructure generally are not.
      3. Rescue Units and equipment
        Grant is available on a sliding scale of percentages for the replacement or renewal of Motorsport UK Licensed Rescue Units and their currently (Motorsport UK) specified equipment. The level of grant available recognises the potential life-saving role which these volunteer manned units perform. Grant is not available for normal service and maintenance requirements.
      4. Recovery Units and equipment
        Grant is available on a sliding scale of percentages for the replacement or renewal of Motorsport UK Licensed Recovery Units and their currently (Motorsport UK) specified equipment. The level of grant available recognises that for some units a level of commercial activity may be undertaken which is outside the remit of the Trust’s grant aid. Grant is not available for normal service and maintenance requirements.
    2. Volunteers & Marshals Training Day Programme
      The British Motor Sports Training Trust also provides block grant aid funding each year for Safety Training related projects (including but not limited to Marshals Training Days, Rescue & Recovery Training Days, Medical Training Days etc). Please note that the management and administration of these lie with the Motorsport UK Training Department, and a different application process for that grant aid consideration exists. You cannot use the BMSTT Safety Development Fund (or the Motorsport UK Motor Sport Development Fund) application forms for this purpose For further information regarding the Volunteers & Marshals Training Day support programme please contact the Motorsport UK Training Department on 01753 765000 or e-mail

  2. How are grant requests assessed?

    All applications are received and examined by the Trust’s General Secretary, and considered along with any supplementary information submitted or requested. A recommendation is then made to an Independent Awards Panel, the members of whom all have appropriate motor sport experience and knowledge, whose views are sought and collated to reach a final decision. Applicants are then informed of the result by the General Secretary, which may include requests for further detailed information especially - but not limited to - where the use of land or venues not owned by the applicant are concerned and where agreements or lease arrangements with the Landowners need to be scrutinised to ensure that an appropriate level of benefit and/or security of tenure to the sport exists in relation to the level of grant which may be on offer.

  3. How can an application be submitted

    A grant aid application form for the Safety Development Fund can be downloaded from HERE
    Or filled out online: HERE

    Before submitting an application, please check the guidelines above for the type of project that may be admissible for grant aid

  4. How is feedback obtained from successful applicants in due course regarding the effect and/or benefit of grant aid awarded?

    Feedback varies according to the type of project supported. As an example, for venue improvement projects, photographic evidence supported by written reports from the Clubs concerned as well as from subsequent visiting Motorsport UK Stewards and Motorsport UK Venue Inspectorate provide a good overall picture.

    The Trust is currently developing an individual feedback form for successful applicants to complete and return within a specified time period after their project has been completed, and these feedback forms will be issued with grant aid offers, which will be conditional on the proper and timely completion and return of feedback forms thereafter.

  5. When and how are grant payments made?

    When all conditions included in any offer of a grant have been satisfied, and appropriate documentation submitted, payment is made by Bank Transfer to account details currently held by the Motorsport UK for the applying Club or Organisation. These account details are re-verified regularly to ensure they reflect any changes. Transfer of funds is usually made within 2-4 weeks of the payment request from the Trust General Secretary being processed at Motor Sports House.

    Please note that it is only in exceptional circumstances that payment can be made to individual personal or non-Club accounts, for internal and external audit reasons.

  6. Is there a limit on the number of applications that can be submitted by one Club or organisation during a given year?

    Normally only one application per Motorsport UK Club or Motorsport UK Recognised Organisation can be submitted in any one calendar year to the BMSTT Safety Development Fund. This ensures that available grant aid funding can be spread as widely as possible across the UK and all its Home Countries and Islands across a whole range of disciplines.

    For the same reason, there is a maximum total overall grant aid award amount of £8,500 that is payable in any one calendar year to any single applicant across the collective awards from both the BMSTT Safety Development Fund and the separate Motorsport UK Motor Sport Development Fund.

  7. Where can you find answers to any queries that you might have regarding the eligibility of a particular project which you are considering for a grant aid application?

    The BMSTT General Secretary would be pleased to provide helpful advice and guidance in such circumstances. There is always a preference for such an exchange of views to take place before an application is submitted in order to maximise any grant aid opportunity that may exist, rather than otherwise for the BMSTT to reject an application as being ineligible with a consequent waste of time and energy for all parties concerned.

    The BMSTT General Secretary, Allan Dean-Lewis MBE, can be contacted via