Child Safeguarding Statement and Policy (May 2018)

The British Motor Sports Training Trust (BMSTT) concurs with the MSA Policy Statement (2017) on Child Safeguarding as follows:

BMSTT Policy Statement:

The BMSTT requires all Volunteer Officials Training Days and organising MSA Member Clubs benefitting from the Trust’s grant aid programme to identify a named individual as accepting the responsibility to manage any Child Safeguarding issues that may arise during those Training Days. The named individual would normally be a MSA Licensed Training Instructor or MSA Club Child Safeguarding Officer. In the event of any matters arising which require reporting to the BMSTT, these should be reported at the earliest practicable opportunity and directed to the Secretary to the Trustees, using the MSA report form which can be downloaded from:

The general protocols and processes described in the below MSA Child Safeguarding Policy (2017) are hereby adopted by the BMSTT.

Adopted by the BMSTT Board of Trustees 1st May 2018